Lacking a subject

I realized recently that I don’t like to take, or don’t feel confident taking pictures of people. The last time I felt comfortable taking pictures of strangers was during the 2010 Gay Pride Parade in West Hollywood. I’m guessing that’s because the whole point of being there is to see and be seen. If you’re going to put on a glittery pair of bikini underwear with a giant, silver, sparkly dildo hanging off the front and a huge glittery cape, I’m guessing you aren’t going to mind if I take your picture.

Credits: usestangerines
Another place I felt fairly comfortable taking shots of people is on the boardwalk in Venice Beach. Again, the theme is colorful individuals at ease in their environment. If I’m not in those situations, I get really really nervous about taking someone’s picture. As a result, I have a lot of neat pictures of palm trees.
Credits: usestangerines

There are, of course, exceptions to every rule. I do feel comfortable taking candid shots of my brother. It’s hardly a mystery. I’m closer to him than I am to most other people in the world. He’s a good looking guy, and he’s not afraid to either not smile for the camera, or to be goofy for the camera. As a result, I have lots and lots of (in my opinion, v. good) pictures of my little bro’.


written by usestangerines on 2011-03-24