• Light Painting Portraits

    written by upperhands on 2012-04-29

    Light Painting at Smash Le Funk's house using flash lights.

  • When Upperhands. met Herakut. met Lucent Dossier. Curated by the Do Lab

    written by upperhands on 2012-03-06

    The Do Lab gave me some beautiful access to this one of a kind two night show in Downtown Los Angeles. Staged in an original vaudeville theatre on Broadway, Lucient Dossier's amazing collective met the live graffiti duo Herakut in an all out blast of maniacal visuals. I spent some time hitting up Herakut's street art in Los Angeles, while mixing in photos of Lucent's members and Herakut later on in the night. Not satisfied with what I got the first night, my peeps at The Do Lab and my homey Duke got me into the second show and backstage to get some exclusive shots of the goings on of a performance on this magnitude. I can't wait to take some more shots of the Lucent crew at this year's Lightning in a Bottle!! Booyah!

  • Help me Obi Wan, You're my Only Hope!

    written by upperhands on 2011-03-24

    Using the force in LA.