lomography and the environment

I recently discovered the group Shark Angels, a shark conservation group, and I immediately became enthused with there mission of protecting and informing about the dwindling shark population. The ocean is very very important to the success of the human species and much like pulling the wrong jenga block, if one species is lost the entire structure will collapse. t also got me thinking how lomography could team with environmental movements seamlessly. The joy of lomography is the feeling of stepping back and viewing the world from another stress free angle, we can see the beauty in something simple like a tree or flowers, But for people who do not have a source to step back and see this beauty forget the amazing world filled with amazing things in which we live in.

So back to the whole shark thing, it is very common for people to have a fear of sharks due to their descriptions in the media, mean human eaters, but in truth in the year 2008 only 4 people were killed because of shark bites. On the other hand humans kill an estimated 100 million each year. Sharks are frankly unconcerned with eating humans, we like to save the bears or any bigger cat, who maybe considered “threats” but where unconcerned with the population of sharks. Their population is rapidly declining yet there still are no laws protecting the species. we need to change our environmental impact. For this is why I am a Shark Angel.

Credits: vicuna

written by untroubledartist on 2012-11-25