ICD 1PK (first tryout daylight)

the ICD 1PK looks a bit less exiting as the ICD zero pictures in the dark. I think thats mainly because there are now shot with F16 instead of F2 so the conners aren't that big and blurred. but I think the next try is going to be better then I have sealed the light leaks. and make a better exposure because this hole set were very underexposed. and you need to know I just used my lens cap as shutter haha. and color filters to use it as a ND filter to slow the 50 speed film down. so I hope I show some better progress soon. than I shall also show a link for those how want to how the ICD 1KP, ICD 0 and ICD 1P(pinhole) looks like.

here is a link for those how like to fallow it on facebook or on my blog www.facebook.com/icduntangle icd-untangle.blogspot.nl

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