• Tiger's sculpture by Nyoman Nuarta

    shared by hervinsyah on 2011-11-08

    When I snap this suddenly I'm the only person who realized this beautiful ray of light scenery. All the busy car and motorcycle trapped at routine horrible traffic jam at after work hour at that afternoon made me always pray to God I don't wannabe like them, trapped at work office routinity and lost their freedom of individuality expression and ended frustated and stressful when retired from their boring job. But now look at me I'm still loser unemployee who still hoping money rain showering me from the sky and dreaming of my work will be at the same level of Andy Warhol and Henri Cartier Bresson meanwhile all of that boring worker that I told before are looking happy living their typical normal life. My world was stop from that moment since now T_T --- Jalan (road/street) Wastu Kantjana, Bandung, Jawa Barat (West Java), Indonesia, Asia Tenggara (South East Asia) --- Lomo Home Of The Day at on April 14th, 2017 --- The Most Popular on November 8th, 2012 --- One Of Most Popular Photos Uploaded in 2012

  • Exposure both side with Horizon Perfekt

    shared by hervinsyah on 2013-04-18

    The 1st winner of Going Pinhole Competition --- Most Popular Photo Uploaded in 2013 & Most Popular Photo Last Year: April 18, 2013 --- Dissatisfied with the first result po + scan at Nasir Foto Bandung, I have throw the cliche of this photo until I decide to re-scan the cliche again at Seni Abadi Foto Bandung. Suddenly there's lot of like & comment at this photo (I'm kind of person who consider like & comment as the important thing =p). Frankly I can't see what is so special with this photo. After realize that Seni Abadi Foto always edit my photo vibrantly I will re-scan again the cliche at Chandra Foto Bandung, my nowaday trusting photo lab T_T I never satisfied

  • Purple dream land

    shared by inrod on 2016-12-02

    lets take a walk in the purple wonder land

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    expired 1991

  • Summer - 帶著愛旅行

    written by umi on 2012-07-06
    Summer - 帶著愛旅行

    帶著愛旅行 , 跟著夢想前進, 做自己喜歡的事情最開心,讓腦海中的回憶化為紀錄的痕跡 ...

  • 我喜歡傻瓜相機

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  • 美人魚黛安娜

    written by ccwu on 2012-05-04 #gear

    換上水汪汪大眼睛,黛安娜搖身一變成了美人魚,捕捉 180 度景色!

  • 簡單控制 LC-A+ 的曝光量

    written by ccwu on 2012-05-01 #gear #tutorials
    簡單控制 LC-A+ 的曝光量

    用 LC-A+ 拍背光時,主體整個黑嬤嬤,變剪影;晚上或室內微光時,整個畫面太亮外加手晃。相信很多人都有這樣的經驗吧?其實小小的調整就可以改善一些。

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  • some more Diana shots at Playa de los Muertos

    shared by jennson on 2011-11-08

    ..wish to be there

  • Hawaii -- Diana + Portra VC 160

    shared by russheath on 2011-03-25

    The Diana was made for the beach!

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    shared by i_am_four-eyes on 2012-03-26

    I just love the grainy texture and I love the subtlety of tones that black and white images can have. The mood you can create, the subtleness, the shadows... I love shooting in MONO ! : )

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  • LCA BW Januar 2012

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  • LCA+ Stuff

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  • 愛上腳的表情

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    Tania thanks for all..u are the best 8)

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  • Bored to be co-driver..

    shared by jennson on 2011-04-01 i use the time for experiments..

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    100 iso expired film pushed at 400 iso. I was going to visit the Rodin museum in Paris.. and fell on the Dior defilé during the fashion week... I took very few pics (there were so many photographers..) but it really is another world with all those fashion freaks hahaha...

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  • Precioso Precisa

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  • ..EIR

    shared by jennson on 2011-08-02

    first try in Color Infrared ..and definitely not the last!

  • Vacations in Mancora with Horizon Perfekt

    shared by joseman on 2012-02-23

    Photos of my short vacations to the beach. Mancora is 970km away from Lima. We drove all night to get there but we had a great time. Great hotel, beautiful beach and a gorgeous blue sky. I'm not used to see those colors in Lima.

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    Sky Riders over Barcelona's Roofs..

  • Zoom in autumn

    shared by hodachrome on 2011-10-07

    I used a "macro lens Mini50 for CHEKI" (Fuji's Instant camera).

  • My cousin Natasha before the wedding

    shared by luba on 2012-02-17

  • Sis Wedding Solemnization Day

    shared by mont0417 on 2012-04-10

    A very special day for my sister.

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    my LC-A has a massive Light-Leak... hmmm

  • Spring color

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    It's a bird! ... No, it's a plane! ... Hey wait, is that a dog? Uh-huh, looks like it is one jumping (or flying) in the air! And in this fancy moment, why not take a Lomograph? Make it redscale, too! (POTD 04.16.12)

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    If only we were two then things could be easier -- we'd finish tasks earlier, discover more places, and meet more people in this world. But then, that's a magic we still can't accomplish, that's why the illusion of double exposing is here! (POTD 05.05.12)

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  • 與 La Sardina 在房間裡畫畫

    written by ccwu on 2012-04-06 #gear #tutorials
    與 La Sardina 在房間裡畫畫

    這天晚上外面下大雨,我一個人待在家,又非常地想拍照。於是我拿出了 La Sardina,在房間裡畫畫。

  • 有 LCA+ 陪伴我的這一年

    written by ccwu on 2012-02-16 #people
    有 LCA+ 陪伴我的這一年

    這一年我拿著 LCA+ 拍照。它不僅僅是一台經典的相機,更是陪伴我記錄生活的好夥伴!

  • Sunset time with my best freind

    shared by gateau on 2011-09-04

    所選的日期: 8月14日 姓名: 格都 跟最好的朋友一起享受最美的日落, 友誼的滋味就是這樣甜美! The most beautiful sunset time enjoyed with my best freind!

  • Quaisoir walkabout in Paris

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  • 一瞬

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    2011.03.11 MINI 美好的平凡 在這個午后 溫暖的舞動著