• Every Cloud Has Its Silver Lining: An Analogue Fashion Shoot

    written by ukaaa on 2009-07-19 #news
    Every Cloud Has Its Silver Lining: An Analogue Fashion Shoot

    Who said a fashion photo shoot has to be digital? Our friend ukaaa takes us on a unique shoot with models and avant-garde clothes!

  • Malta

    written by ukaaa on 2009-02-18 #places

    Last year I've been traveling to Malta. I can recommend it to anyone. There's lots of beautiful things to visit and see and the Maltese people are very kind and warm. I often saw photogenic seniors enjoying the sunny weather and friends. When I asked them to take a photo they didn't mind and wished me a good day after wards. I took some spontaneous portraits of the locals, they didn't do a silly pose or anything. They just stayed themselves. I loved that!

  • Spector Color (35mm, 200 iso) user-review

    written by ukaaa on 2009-01-03 #gear
    Spector Color (35mm, 200 iso) user-review

    While everybody knows the big brands such as Fuji, Kodak and Agfa, I tried something different this time.

  • Lomo Doodle Sticker

    written by ukaaa on 2008-12-23 #news
    Lomo Doodle Sticker

    Some weeks ago, on a random doodle break, I drew a Lomo LC-A character. The little guy had the distance and aperture switches as tiny hands and extra legs to hop around. Since I thought it might look nice as a desktop background or maybe an avatar, I took a quick snapshot of the doodle and drew over it on my computer. The result was a much cleaner drawing.

  • Ghent By Night

    written by ukaaa on 2008-11-26 #places
    Ghent By Night

    Since last school year I've been living in the beautiful student city called Ghent. Living here as a local has learned me to appreciate the beautiful authentic village that is bursting with life.

  • Comino

    written by ukaaa on 2008-11-19 #places

    Last summer me and the missus went traveling to Malta. While Malta is a really beautiful country, I think it's definitely worth taking a boat to the nearby island called Comino. Comino is a deserted little island with 2 small hotels and otherwise nothing. That's right: NOTHING!