Ricoh Auto Half X Black and White {First Try}


Don’t know if anyone will chance upon this blog here. I am terrible in writing and a boring writer, so I don’t think anyone will have interest in reading what I write.


Recently, I just got a new baby. It’s a Ricoh AutoHalf SE and it’s a present from my relatives. They are so nice to me, and this is the most expensive film camera I have. Being a student and poor, I can only afford cheap plastic cameras to play with. But this Ricoh is a totally different thing.

Firstly, it’s a half frame camera, which means that I can take up to SEVENTY-TWO photos in a 36-exposure film. WOW! It’ll take me forever to finish the whole roll of film.

Secondly, it’s an autohalf camera, so this camera will automatically advance the film with every click. It’s something to do with the winding mechanism in the camera. You know those wind up toys back in those days? Well, this is the same thing, but it’s on the camera!

Thirdly, this camera is much, much OLDER than I am. I think it’s twice my age. Or triple? I don’t know, I suck at Maths. A check online reveals that this camera is released during the 1960s. Hmm.. OLD!

Fourthly, IT HAS A LIGHT METER beside the lens!! Call me stupid or noob, I dont care.

This is seriously the most unique camera I have owned. Here’s how it looked like.

Credits: tzeching

Picture of the cam taken with iPhone.

Alright, this is the first time I’m using this camera, and to top it up, I am testing it with a black and white film. I never explored black and white before, it’s something new to me. I don’t know what to expect, or how the result will be. Will it be overexposed? Will it be underexposed? I was so nervous waiting for the film to be developed. Surprisingly, some of the pictures that I took indoor with minimal lighting still appears. happy

Here are some of the shots (that I’m quite happy with) from my first roll of black and white together with my first try on my baby half frame. __ Of course, this is far from perfect, but at least now I know if I bring this film to a sunny setting, my pictures will be overexposed. Think I’ll stick to colour film for now. :)

Credits: tzeching

written by tzeching on 2012-12-05