I'm KALI, of Evertender Studios.

I am a film photographer, writer, and painter living in Santa Barbara, CA.

My work is a romanticization of my environment, and the many fascinating subjects that reside within and amongst it. I am a deeply spiritual person, and I believe in caring for our planet and the many beings that live here. As such, it is my hope that through viewing and enjoying my work, one may develop a deep appreciation and respect for this land and all it has been, and will hopefully continue to be.

I am disabled, "incurably" ill, and I live with chronic pain. Each day is a blessing and a curse, and it is with great effort that I strive to create the art that I feel so deeply called to make. I have lived many lives, and now I am enlivened by pain. It seeps into everything I do, and as there is no escape, I am resigned to capturing the beauty of it.

Thank you for taking the time to read and observe my art.

Your presence here is truly appreciated.

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