My Favourite Photo of 2011

Credits: twizzer88

This photo was taken on my birthday, the 3rd June, my first day as a Lomographer. My girlfriend (pictured) got me the best present I think anyone has ever got me that day: a Diana Mini. I have been snapping photos ever since. We were living in Bilbao teaching English at the time and the photo shows her on the phone to a friend outside the town hall double-exposed with the skyscrapers along the river where we often walked. It was taken on the first roll I ever shot with an anologue camera and, in my opinion, I haven’t bettered it yet! I really like the way the buildings seem to rise up from the clouds.

written by twizzer88 on 2012-01-03

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  1. easilydistracted
    easilydistracted ·

    I took my best double exposure on my first roll of film too - its funny how these things work out isn't it. Great choice!