• Tarmac vignette

    written by twenty-haitch on 2015-04-13
    Tarmac vignette

    The birth of a haiku.

  • What is it about film?

    written by twenty-haitch on 2013-02-02
    What is it about film?

    I have always been interested in photography. Using a camera as a creative outlet has always brought me a certain satisfaction. Before I rediscovered analogue I would go through a phase every few months with a DSLR. I would take it everywhere with me, playing with the settings for different effects, shooting the same subject a million times from different angles, composing the image differently and changing the settings until I finally got what I wanted. Inevitably though, after a week or so I would get bored of that and put the camera away for the next few months. Until one day I discovered Lomography. There was something about it that was so intriguing. Thankfully my sister is awesome and bought me a Diana F+ for Christmas and the bug bit instantly.