• Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

    written by tttheresa on 2008-07-14 #places
    Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

    When the day isn't just right to hit the beach - the fog has nestled into the sand, there are a few too many sink-nosed sunbathers, or you've become a bum and just have to get off the beach - the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is the perfect place to take in some fun.

  • Golden Gate Park Festivals

    written by tttheresa on 2008-07-11 #places
    Golden Gate Park Festivals

    When the autumn's Indian Summer hits San Francisco, the only place to be is outside and at a festival in Golden Gate Park. Speedway Meadows fills up with thousands of peace-loving folk and the air becomes saturated with rhythm, song, dance, hoola-hooping, flowers in your hair, positive energy and a lot of that funky green smoke.