The Hell With Perfection — Freedom for Photography!

This film has gone to hell and back. Loaded into a relatively new Holga, about half way through it became difficult to wind. Then the back popped, tipping me off that a foam pad had become dislodged. I had a fairly heavy black coat with me, so I folded the camera up into the jacket, stuck my arms in the sleeves and proceeded to remove the back and extricate the foam pad. Put it all back together in the dark and advance one frame, only to have it totally jam again. With no foam pad, the film had unwound and the backing paper was firmly stuck to the tape left behind by the departed foam. No coat so I entered a windowless washroom and proceeded to again remove the film, which was now creased and folded. Put in somecardboard to keep the film from unwinding and managed to finish the roll.

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