"I am nothing without nine.."

~Trish. 20 yr old soul searcher.
~In-love with film cameras. Because they are romantic. :">
~Total Fangirl. Support all KPOP groups.
~Forever S♥ne. :"> OT9. Tiffany biased.
~Also obsessed with Choi Minho, Sungmin, Krystal, Hwayoung, Hyomin, Dara, Yonghwa, IU, Ailee, Miryo, PSY, BoA, Chunji, Nihckhun, Zelo, Suzy, Uee, L.Joe, Luhan and Chanyeol and Donut and Bacon and HOMG~ I LOOOOVE THEM ALL.! EXO-- wae you make me crajji? ♥
~Drawing+Chibis+Fanart-- Hobby.
~Music+Fashion+Arts+Travel+Food+KPOP = IT'S SOO AMAZING.! Omo Kiseop iloveyou.
~Oh my TaeNy~ ^^
~I talk too much.
~I'm crazy, nobody at home gets me.
~& Tiffany is my wife. arasso?

"Don't think, just shoot" ~fighting!


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