• My first Diana Mini Pix from 2009

    written by trashpilotin on 2011-10-04
    My first Diana Mini Pix from 2009

    I was looking for some Cologne Pix for the Rumble which I took almost two years ago on my harddive and I found some folders with my first Diana Mini Pictures ever!

  • Frühling

    written by trashpilotin on 2011-03-24

    Und ich wart' mal wieder auf den Frühling...

  • The perfect shot of your perfect moment

    written by trashpilotin on 2011-03-15
    The perfect shot of your perfect moment

    Everybody knows this special moment, when you see your pictures for the first time. you flip through the prints and then you see this one pic and you remember the moment, in which you took it. For you it is the perfect reminder - for somebody else it's just a blurry, meaningless picture.

  • November - buuuuh! Sommer - yeeeeah!

    written by trashpilotin on 2010-11-05
    November - buuuuh! Sommer - yeeeeah!

    Ich bin ein Sommerkind, ich brauche hellblauen Himmel und Sonnenschein, dann ist die Welt für mich in Ordnung. Gerade den November mit seinen dunklen, grauen Tagen wie er sich gerade als bestes Beispiel zeigt, kann ich nicht leiden