My First Best Picture


My wife bought me my first LCA after reading an article on these cool little “art/spy” cameras in some magazine. I actually had the camera for a year and only shot one roll through it, finding that the shots were okay…but they didn’t blow my socks off.

Credits: tracyvmoore

It wasn’t until I was kind of bored one day and logged onto and set up my lomohome, that my eyes were opened up wide to the possibilities ahead. I was blown away at all the cool shots that I saw people creating with the LCA…and just couldn’t fathom why theirs were so different from mine. Granted I had only shot one roll so far…but the difference between those shots and what I was seeing on the lomo site was enough for me to stop and take notice.

I found my way to the “Tips & Tricks” section and learned how lomographers were making double exposures, and I also learned about the then mysterious “Cross Processing.”

This blew me away. I immediately ran to my local lab and picked up some Fuji Sensia film, came home, loaded my LCA, and headed into my art studio to play. I just started grabbing whatever I could find and placing the objects around to shoot. This shot has a mask that I bought way back when I was in the 7th grade. I bought it at Disneyland in the 70’s and it is one of the highest quality masks I have ever seen. It is rather funny that this shot was up first on my old lomohome and many people thought it was an actual picture of me. Yikes. haha

I rewound the film, reloaded it, and the next day headed for Portland, OR. (The bridge in this shot is the infamous “Steel Bridge” in Portland.) I doubled the entire roll, really not knowing what to expect. Almost my entire roll came out and this shot really launched me into years of obsession and love with Lomography.

written by tracyvmoore on 2011-03-27