A Christmas without Lomography


Some weeks ago, I bought my Christmas presents in the online shop. I was very excited because finally I was going to be able to spend my piggy points. Thanks to them and to my savings I could buy Christmas presents for my family, better presents than I was expecting to do this year, due to the fact I am currently unemployed…

Credits: toyam

I live in London but I will go back to Spain on 15th December. I placed my order on 27th November so I though my package would have time for arriving, it was even before the promotion for free Xmas delivery started!

But I didn’t know that second of December it will snow over London. Second of December was the expected date for my package arrived, but UPS stopped the delivery because the weather conditions, in a centre near London. Since then my package has been there. I have been phoning UPS every day to ask for it. I was told on Friday, it would arrive on Monday and I spend all day at home on Monday… On Monday I was told it would arrive on Tuesday, and the same every day… until yesterday… Yesterday I was told in a quite impolite way that they didn’t know when my package was going to arrive and that I had no right to make a claim because the delay was because the weather conditions (although the weather has been good since Saturday!) I didn’t like the way they talked to me. Maybe my English is not a perfect British one, but I would like to see the person who shout at me in the same situation in a foreign country… I felt small and impotent, so I complaint through twitter. They wrote me back in less than one hour and they were very nice that time, (thank you very much to Jennifer). Today I was called by UPS to tell me they were going to find my package and tell me when it will be delivered. I was phoned back and they apologized about the fact that they haven’t been able to find the package in the centre. They will keep on looking for it and they will try to deliver it before Wednesday if they find it, if not I can make a claim.

Now I am waiting for Lomography answer. Yesterday I was told they will tell my problem to the person in charge, but I don’t have too much time until Wednesday. I guess if UPS lost my package I have the right to have my money back, but I won’t have enough time to do a new order before going to Spain. In the Spanish Shop the bundle I bough doesn’t exist… I would like to been able to pick my order in any London shop, but I don’t know if that is even possible…

Any one has any idea about what else I could do? Thanks!

written by toyam on 2010-12-10