• i_am_four-eyes

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  • Tickle

    shared by undiscovered on 2011-06-03

  • Jess and a Flower

    shared by wilfbiffherb on 2010-09-03

  • #12469594

    shared by xyron on 2011-01-19

  • Agfa Isolette L

    shared by tesatscad on 2012-03-27

    borrowed the camera from a friend

  • Tu día

    shared by daitita on 2011-10-12

    ¡Feliz cumpleaños!

  • My First LC-WIDE Test roll

    shared by xephryrus on 2012-02-13

    This is my first LC-WIDE test roll.. not all the photos are great but i'm working on it to get a perfectly nice roll of film. =P

  • one of my

    shared by devildi on 2011-01-01

    first diana shots - and still my fav one.... love the "silence" in this pic

  • me and the city

    shared by janagitana on 2010-11-02

    To capture the moment of the city beat and to enjoy it every second is only possible with my Diana

  • One Frantic Paris Photowalk

    shared by uncle_jay on 2011-12-22

    When I only had an afternoon in Paris, I went on an urban photowalk and shot what I saw like a madman. And I was surprised at what was caught on film!

  • #14370666

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  • #16454397

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  • Winter...

    shared by kleinerkaries on 2012-03-14

    ... im Allgäu This is one of my favourite lomographs. I took it after only 3 weeks of being into lomography and it was my first time ever with the lc-a. I was waiting for sunrise, freezing my bum off, when the cat sat down in front of me, enjoying the nature spectacle together with me.

  • Dreamy diana mini in yogyakarta

    shared by achmad-magabutz on 2012-06-03

    remember those trip in january i had 2 weeks in this beauty city but now differents story 3 days from bandung - yogyakarta, doing travel trip and fill up with hurting my back bone =/ but kind of fair enough when i see through the Dpn centuria film + my lovely diana eyes ,, so dreamy like a dream come true

  • Cherry Blossom Girl.

    shared by susielomovitz on 2012-03-15

    Just one photo worked out ok, but worth it.

  • underwater love

    shared by -alia- on 2011-04-26

    On a trip planned for several months and with inspirational landscapes as help a spontaneous idea comes up and the result looks like an underwater reflection. This is one of my favourite photos since I’m passionate about tulips and because of its dreamlike look.

  • My sister

    shared by geka on 2012-02-12

    Barbara, my sister :-)

  • "Fünf-Seidla-Steig"

    shared by masha_njam on 2012-07-06

    Is a beer tour between 5 breweries in Frankishe Schweiz ( The best place to drink best beer! ) You have a map and you need to find 5 breweries at this region . It is about 10-18 km. We got lost so we had only Drei Seidla Steig and one cherry garden !

  • Alberta!

    shared by sunarashine on 2012-05-25

    My hometown as well as the mountains i like to call home =)

  • #12394059

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  • Elena

    shared by vgzalez on 2010-04-24

    Gracias por haberme hecho poner por primera vez las manos sobre una cámara lomográfica; por esperar pacientemente a que haga mis miles de fotos; por ser mi musa, mi inspiración y mi alegría; gracias por todo el sitio que ocupan mis trastos en ese armario que tú sabes; y gracias por ser siempre tan como tú eres ante la cámara, y detrás también.

  • #16219559

    shared by ewen on 2012-06-04

    how not to fall in love with penang island? ;)

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  • #13319367

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  • #12929411

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  • Luis

    shared by marieta on 2011-01-18

    Gracias por ser el hombro donde apoyarme, mi compañero de aventuras y sobre todo, mi amor!!

  • #16305342

    shared by lordlarry on 2012-06-14

    Ongpin, Chinatown in Binondo. With some touch of High street in Bonifacio Global city.

  • #16493358

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  • Doubles with ....

    shared by fritssi on 2012-06-06

    NL&BE x South-Korea

  • Baby Pumpkins

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  • #15496535

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    i think , this is my favourite film ...

  • #14696410

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  • The Little Mermaid

    shared by minilidia on 2011-01-09

    Es una de mis primeras imágenes submarinas. Me transmite mucha paz. / It is one of my first underwater images. Gives me great peace.

  • The Pearl

    shared by jgonzale on 2012-07-09

  • Gardens of Peace Cemetery

    shared by aalper on 2011-10-30

    Inside the viewing area,

  • Half frame mania

    shared by beatpoetj on 2012-06-18

    My mini Diana is giving me a bit of trouble lately...only wants to take half frame shots....but some of these have turned out very cool

  • Lomography & I Still Shoot Film Competition

    written by webo29 on 2012-07-09 #news
    Lomography & I Still Shoot Film Competition

    Lomography is collaborating with Paris based blog I Still Shoot Film to bring you a fun and simple analogue competition. Read on to find out how to participate.