• Lucy In The Sky!

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    Impossible PX680 Beta Film - The best colour film in the new impossible range i've used!

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  • Dreaming in pink for a better world

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    On the past 12th May, a bit all over Europe, people gathered to mark the one-year anniversary of the 'indignados' movement in Spain. Here in London, the Occupy London Movement claimed back the streets and organized a demonstration through the Financial heart of London to show us where the 1% do their dirty business. There were only a few hundreds of people in the demonstration and from what I could see it was pretty peaceful But the police forces tended to disagree and by the end there were some tensions and a few people got arrested. While things don't change for the better for the 99% of us, all we can do is dream in pink for a better future...

  • One more roll of EIR

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