First Anniversary As a Lomographer!

Credits: tomkiddo

Actually before I bought my Holga, I’d already possessed an Olympus Mju-II, which is my brother’s. At first I thought I’d only have Holga and Mju-II as my only analogue cameras, but as time passed, I found myself itching for more!

Credits: tomkiddo

So me and my siblings gathered our money to purchase a vintage SLR, Pentax SP500, on eBay. A couple of months later I spent my piggies on a Lomokino and a Spinner 360. They arrived four days after my sister’s birthday, when me and my brother gave her a Fisheye 2. I know what you’re thinking, we are crazy!

And then, my birthday came a month later. My siblings bought me a Supersampler. We had so much fun shooting with all our cameras! A few months later my cousin brother found two vintage analogue cameras in the storeroom, which he gave them to me. It’s a Kodak Brownie 44A and a Yashica MG-1. They are still functioning, but we need to acquire a 127 film to load into the Kodak and a discontinued battery to work the Yashica. I don’t plan to use them anyway.

Credits: tomkiddo

Two weeks ago, I ordered a Holga 120 CFN and some other things. I am really mad because they haven’t arrived yet! I’ll just have to wait some more.

On the 4th of December 2011, my LomoHome became the LomoHome of the Day! I want to thank LSI for that! Later, I did a filmswap with @mephisto19. It was my first time and it was great! I’m currently doing a filmswap with someone else, I won’t tell you who it is. I have also filmed my first movie with my Lomokino!

Credits: tomkiddo & mephisto19

I have shot colour, x-pro and redscale films. I am still a virgin to B&W photography. I will shoot one as soon as possible! I have also never been to any outing before.

So I guess these are what I did and did not do throughout my first year of Lomo journey. Will try to do more crazy things with my cameras this year!

written by tomkiddo on 2012-06-04


  1. ihave2pillows
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    Congratulations + Happy Lomo Birthday :)

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    congratulations! Live. Love. Lomo.

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    happy anniversary ;)

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    happy anniversary~ longlife LOMO

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    @ihave2pillows @boobert @stitch @fayeusokoi @aanum thanks guys! :)

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    happy b lomo day!!!

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    Congratulations!! I've been following you since the very beginning and I'm glad you've come so far

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    @-puifun- @nebulasixty @atria007 @udhayash @dylanl thank you very much :)

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    is this your video?

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    @lomonesia it's my sister's :)

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    Happy lomo birthday!! We must of joined in the same month :) I am now also poorer but now own many cameras a year later like you and still itching for more!

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    this is sweet! :) happy lomo birthday to you. :) let's get crazier! :)

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    @ninjagirl9 @hervinsyah @kiri-girl @eva_eva hahah thanks guys! :D