What is Discouraging You From Using Analogue Cameras?

Credits: tomkiddo

One month and two weeks ago, I sent my slide film to a lab nearby my house to be developed. And just as I mentioned, it’s been one month and two weeks already and I haven’t received it yet.

They keep on telling me that they’re busy and they’ll give me a call when my photos are ready. And you see, I’ve been waiting for this long and I haven’t received their freaking call yet. I’m so pissed at this.

Additionally, I have unsupportive parents. On the exact day I purchased my Holga 135 BC, my mom found out about it and she got really upset. She said that people nowadays don’t use analogue cameras anymore. She told me to grow up since everyone has advanced to the digital world.

I was really sad but that didn’t stop me from using it. I hope I find something inspiring and encouraging so that I don’t get bored with Lomography. And I also hope that I’ll receive that freaking lab’s call soon.

Lomo on :)

written by tomkiddo on 2011-08-14


  1. android_man
    android_man ·

    i have a lot of digital gear, 3 big DSLRs .. i also have two film cameras a canon 30v and a lomo Wide.. i understand your comments as there are a lot of people that really seem to hate film and feel its so backward that no-one should be using it these days, its slow (to develop) its expensive and there is no instant feedback to let you know if the shot was right.....but....BUT there is a warmth to film that does not exist in digital, there is a real feeling of holding a real photo and in your case a real slide.. of course i cant even get slides developed near me, i have them cross processed instead...

    as for your parents? well i cant fix that, but in the end its about your photos, not what you use to take them.. film is also alot more fun, especially with the more basic cameras.. ^_^

    keep your head up and keep going, maybe you should use normal film next time...or if you can buy a mailer for the lomo labs to develop your photos

    good luck

  2. robotmonkey1996
    robotmonkey1996 ·

    Exactly my situation. Actually a bit eery because i started with a holga 135 and my mom yelled at me the very first day. the only lab for miles is a grocery store that ruined several rolls already. (there were many good photo labs in Santa Monica but i had to move to texas) But as far as my parents know, i only have a holga 135 BC, and an old olympus. I all in all have 2 lomo lc-a's, 2 Diana Minis, and a Smena 35. I regularly develop film and enter in rumbles. I just keep everything "under the radar". a tip, smaller cameras are easier to shoot with, and are better for evading detection by parents.

  3. kshen
    kshen ·

    For me, it is the financial aspects of analogue that puts me off.....I don't know how much it costs from wherever you guys are from but it is around 11 pounds here in London per roll to have it printed, scanned and placed in a CD. And to me that is a whole lot of money if I finish 1 roll per week. It is even more costly if I use 120 films as I pay the same 11 pounds for just 16 photos with my Diana. But having said all of that......there is something oh-so-addictive with film cameras. I have 2 DSLRs and a compact digital, and I rarely use them. Even when I go on holidays, I would rather carry rolls and rolls of films and buy disposable ones from the local shop. I just don't get the same thrill and satisfaction I get from using digital. Something about the 'high-techness' and sharpness and all that good stuff about digital which just doesn't give me art.

    So every time when I hit my down moments in film photography, I visit this site and get inspired by other lomographers and that will keep me going :)

  4. fabo
    fabo ·

    I think photographing analogue is more human to me - you are a human and you make mistakes and sometimes not everything goes like you planed it. And that's the point which makes analogue photography so magic: unplaned effects, a picture out of your life and sometimes mistakes which will let your picture look in a different but nice way. Digital photography is too clean for me: every picture must be perfect. That is not the way i wanna photograph - uncompletness is a gift.

    A tipster: get a 35mm camera like the LC-A+ and you will save money! 35mm-Films are cheaper than rollfilms.

  5. christinealves
    christinealves ·

    Well, my parents are very supportive, they really want me in at the Lomo Life, my dad loves Lomography and stuff but here in Brazil buy the films and lab are very expensive. If you want the pics in a higher resolution, you are dead, specially 120mm films, so I bought the 35mm Back for my Diana F+ to make it more cheaper

  6. flykiwii
    flykiwii ·

    I think it would be the time..Im too impatient.
    Its more time than anything.. I think I will get too impatient waiting for my 120 film
    to be sent back.