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  • Cotswolds road trip

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    Some shots from a recent trip to the Cotswolds, in the west of England.

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  • My most 16th century still life yet

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    Large format light leaks, love or hate? Probably me handling the dark-slides in my 60 year old Super16mm dark bag, not so much a problem with the camera or the slides.

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  • Purple

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    More shots from the recent Analogue Alberta meet-up in central Alberta :)

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  • Horizon Perfekt + X-Pro Slide 200 in Amsterdam

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  • The Stylish Chantal Goya in Jean Luc-Godard's Film Reel

    2017-04-23 #culture
    The Stylish Chantal Goya in Jean Luc-Godard's Film Reel

    Jean Luc-Godard, master of the French New Wave, made a happy accident of turning a fashion icon of the 1960's with actress and singer Chantal Goya in the film "Masculin Féminin".

  • Ajka multi-----

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  • BKSPicture

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    You can find more of my work on my homepage: _________________________________________ Also have a blog where I write about my photo experience, tips and trick etc. . . . . . . . . _________________________________________ Facebook:

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    Dippemess is a tradition which dates back to the 14th century. At that time, the Maamess, as it was then called, was a medieval market for domestic articles. Potters from the Westerwald, Kannebäckerland and Urberach came here to sell their wares, especially their ceramic bowls and pots. These were known in the Frankfurt dialect as 'Dippe' from which the event soon took its name. Over the years, more and more fairground booths and popular attractions joined the market as well. The Dippemess today is Frankfurt’s largest fair and a lot of fun :)

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  • Medium Formats from the Summer of 2014

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    I keep trying to make myself love this Belair, and have been force-feeding it a variety of films. This album represents select shots from four different rolls of film, and was shot during our meet-up with @schugger and @turtle_cologne :)

  • The murderer is always the gardener

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    The motive: Love, jealousy, passion or...

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  • Medium Formats from the Summer of 2014

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    I keep trying to make myself love this Belair, and have been force-feeding it a variety of films. This album represents select shots from four different rolls of film, and was shot during our meet-up with @schugger and @turtle_cologne :)

  • the mirror building

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    i stayed in brussels at friends place and the first evening the friend of mine wanted to see some pics i shot. when he saw shots of le corbusier and the snake building he immediately said i have to got to this one building because it looks so cool and take pics of it. so did i. i didn´t expect much because he only told me it looks as being from another time. a bit futuristic. from the street you hardly recognize or see the beauty of it. but standing in front of and looking on the backside blows you. or at least me. there are two shots of the building in the back a mirror building too. unfortunately the sun came out only for a few seconds so i guess in summer you can take great shots. btw: it´s chausseé de la hulpe #181. check it out next time you´re there. you won´t pass there by accident because it´s way outside of the city center.

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    Part 3 #lasardina #sunday #psychedelic #masks #trippy #spooky #experimental #Poland

  • Quand nos Lomographes s'expriment à travers le langage du corps

    2017-03-02 #people #tutorials
    Quand nos Lomographes s'expriment à travers le langage du corps

    Le domaine de la photographie est devenu de nos jours hyper compétitif. Parfois, la magie et la poésie sont juste devant vous, il suffit de la voir et de la capter avec les moyens les plus simples. Des mains, des pieds, des dos nus, des lèvres : des fragments qui prennent vie et sens par eux-mêmes.

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  • Louvre

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    I tested a new film - the Fuji T64 and I love it. It's more blueish and more contrasty than the Astia 100F. ------ --------

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    #friends #waterproof #summer #swimming #pool

  • angles(part II)

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    also these little angels:))

  • Smena

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    first roll of the Smena! the simple but famous camera never let u down!

  • flowers

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    By accident i found that the orange flowers and the blue sky are an amazing combination, almost the perfect color-combination!

  • pregant portrait

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    我们的第一个孩子要来了。这个让我又幸福又兴奋,哈哈。我之前想好了帮王瑄去拍孕期写真,终于成真。带着所有的宝贝家当,带着最给力的胶卷,租好影棚。let us do it.

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    #Holga #Turquoise #Illinois

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  • Samara's dream

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    muse: Magda Gradowska concept & styling: me, but the character was originally created by Koji Suzuki. Canon EOS 300 + Chinon 55mm f1.4 + Lomochrome Purple @ iso 100; developed in Tetenal Colortec 13min. in 30C degrees. #samara #model #dream #purple #lomochrome #canon #chinon #tetenal

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  • a room

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    Shot in a narrow dark space in an unique trick park in Yoro, Gifu. Took care not to make the image blurred. Yellow and blue tones are the reflection of the floor in a underground passage which I shot in other place before visiting here. Not look like a double exposure.

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    #xpan #hasselblad #kodak #aerochrome #mountains #ponies #horses #clouds #red #blue

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    Once upon a time we've drove to hitch-hiking to Alupka in Vorontcov Palace. It's been a sun spring day. I load in my Zorki 10, (russian automatic camera from 70-s) Kodak Color 200 film, overdue in 2006. When we arrive to Alupka, we met our friend Alexey from Moscow, and gone walking in Vorontcov Garden situated under walls of Vorontcov Palace. Vorontcov Palace - is one of the oldest and largest royal palaces in all of Crimea. It's a great work of Edward Blore, Scottish architect. The basis of the architectural design of the palace was the idea of ​​the alchemical marriage between East and West: half of the palace looks like a European castle, another part looks like a Orient palace. Winston Churchill in book "Triumph and Tragedy: The Second World War" write about this place: "The setting of our abode was impressive ... Behind the villa, half Gothic and half Moorish in style, rose the mountains, covered in snow, culminating in the highest peak in the Crimea. Before us lay the dark expanse of the Black Sea, severe, but still agreeable and warm even at this time of the year. Carved white lions guarded the entrance to the house, and beyond the courtyard lay a fine park with sub-tropical plants and cypresses."

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  • Velvia ☼ Diana F+

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    #Velvialove #Hungary

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  • Silence Between

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    Cafe Berlin

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    Late processed roll of film, almost forgot what's in it!

  • Sunset Strip in E6, I want more!

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    film on ISO 50 or 100

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  • scotland. purple

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    scotland, highlands and isle of skye on lomochrome purple.