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As announced, I want to go traveling again. Http://www.robertswereld.nl/wordpress2/?p=492 The route is known . I will shortly be also opened a Facebook page for that purpose .
The press release is written . My first book is almost finished . It has now been fully checked . It may shortly be to the issuer and to Ten Pages. A promotional film http://youtu.be/mYmQgRWhuMo is ready.

Here again the route
Amsterdam – Moscow – Almaty – Urmiqi – Xian – Beijing – Harbin – Irkutsk – Perm – Moscow – St. Petersburg – Helsinki – Amsterdam .

If Tibet is open then a visit to Lhasa on the program.
If there is money left on the way then I would like to visit me bring Mongolian friends in Terelj National Park . Of those guests , I surely enjoyed it and learned that it could be tomorrow . And the country is so beautiful . It is a detour of 300 miles ;-)

You know what we had available with first big train . The anticipation alone was priceless that everyone had . And maybe this is my last big trip that I can make . The more years are beginning to count . Let me equal than good . Traveling I always will . But after two trips after I end up in the hospital. The first after my trip on a scooter through the Netherlands and I got serious accident . And last year, my heart problems . I have several countries in Europe have not visited especially the former Eastern Bloc countries . And I want nothing to do with the car or plane but by train. You can see more her country and learn more people . know

I will keep you informed when I am traveling as long as you have made ​​a donation and I can write my second book . It goes about the diversity of the people . And of course the way I ’ve noticed that the further into Russia also has it that the people are friendly. Also just very disrespectful also about " gooks " is actually the Asian appearance . Therefore I travel in the opposite direction back . So I can determine where the Eurasian appearance starts and stops .


Zaandijk ,
Final May 2014 draws photographer Robert Lotman , for the second time by train through Central Asia and China . The aim of the exercise is to draw a picture of the wealth of variety of people . Diversity is an important goal of this trip , which is why different cities will be visited , namely;

Amsterdam – Moscow – Almaty – Urmqi – Lanzhou – Xi’an – Pingyao – Beijing – Harbin – Ulan – Ude – Irkutsk – lisviank olkon – island – Irkutsk – Krasnoyarsk – Novosibirsk – Ekaterinburg – Moscow – St Petersburg , Helsinki and Stockholm .

The cost of this trip is € 3000, which Robert Lotman through sponsorships together hopes to bring . You can as an individual starting at € 10 contribute to making this trip . For this amount you get personal access to the blog at http://www.robertswereld.nl/wordpress2/ where you can find a daily or a weekly written travelogue ( s) , but also pictures and movies . With sponsorship from € 50 , you have all the aforementioned benefits and after the trip , a numbered photo of your choice.

Would you like to sponsor the trip as a business? Then you get from € 75 euro is also the possibility to promote the blog . Your logo Your logo with accompanying text from € 100 , we can realize for you . For more information , contact Robert Lotman 06-19240421 or send an e – mail with your name and address and sponsorship request to robertwereld@gmail.com .

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