Golden Boxes! I had seen them around where I live, everywhere really. Walk down one street and you count at least 2. But never paid much attention to them. A few weeks ago however, I had enough of these shiny golden boxes in the corner of my eye and started to investigate a little more closely. The content of various boxes were sometimes simple, sometimes elaborate, sometimes aimed at tourists, sometimes personal. Quite intreguing! Thankfully, one of the boxes had an internet address written on it, so I looked them up.

Credits: titaniummike

As it turns out, these golden boxes are sort of meant like mini-museums! You can order one, attach it to your wall outside, and place something in there you want to show off to whoever passes your house. The idea apparently originates back from 2004, with the intention to give streets and neighborhoods more personality, less anonimity. Such a cool concept!
Another thing I noticed was that none of these golden boxes I encountered, showed any signs of vandalism. It’s strong stuff! A glance at the website learned that they’re made with this in mind, you never know who doesn’t appreciate your mini-museum  I’ve seen mostly golden ones, but also a few silver and red ones. A 1,5 hour walk through my little town resulted in a count of around 34 boxes, and I am sure there are more!

Credits: titaniummike

I am seriously considering ordering one myself and put it up..perhaps with an ever-changing display of lomographs, for example!
Have a look at the series, they’re shot on Fujichrome Velvia and cross-processed, so the colors aren’t quite what they should be, but you’ll get the idea.

Credits: titaniummike

See them all in this album: http://www.lomography.com/homes/titaniummike/albums/1979824-roll-012-goudkistjes
You can visit the original website here (in Dutch only, sorry): http://www.goudkistje.nl/
Or Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/goudkistje

written by titaniummike on 2013-08-30


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