Adox NC17


Dear Lomographers,

Hopefully one of you can help me out with this. I got my hands on some old, super-over-expired film rolls from Adox (mine is labeled NC17, color reversal, not in this picture). These films started life around 1959, so I am not sure how old mine are, but they are old. Thankfully still sealed in their boxes and wrappers. Now, I would love to start using this film, but I have no idea, and can’t find on the web, at what number to expose this film. I’d hate it to just give it a go and mess them up to find out afterwards I calculated everything wrong. These rolls are hard to find.

So, does anyone have experience with this particular roll of film? If so, please help a fellow-Lomographer out and point me the way :)

Many thanks in advance!

Here is the best information I could find on this company and film:

written by titaniummike on 2013-08-13


  1. elottenm
    elottenm ·

    I strongly believe these film are not to be developed in c-41. what you can do, is to try to develop them in black and white and pray that something come out :)

  2. titaniummike
    titaniummike ·

    @elottenm Hmm..I do believe its color reversal film..but still. What about film speed..gamble on ISO50 or less?

  3. elottenm
    elottenm ·

    asa and iso are the same, just the name change. Even if you develop a color film in black and white, something should come out. consider that the chemicals for these rolls are probably gone from a while, I did a small research (as you think you did :D ) and there is nothing about P20 or k-17.

    Does not make sense to leave them there unused, you can maybe pop an email to adox to know something about that, in case, I would shoot them and develop at home in b/w :P

  4. titaniummike
    titaniummike ·

    You are absolutely right elottenm, I will use these films. Such an opportunity is just too good to pass up on :) I'll take your advise and develop the first one as b/w, and see what happens!