What to do with a decent picture?


I have a habit of making as many prints I can possibly afford, and hanging them around my apartment. Not because I like to look at my own work, but to keep me inspired, and strike a possible conversation with whoever visits. So last year I came up with an idea to make an interchangable photo wall. I had 49 pieces of wood (MDF) cut at 13×13cm (the guy at the woodshop thought I was nuts), drew a grid on the wall, put nails in it, mounted the wood with hooks, et voilá. Possibilities are endless. I stick pictures on the front and back of the wood tiles, so the wall never looks the same, you can turn and turn and move around all you like. As you can see in the picture below, it’s ‘in change’ at the moment. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback on this, and it keeps me motivated.

Credits: titaniummike

Keeping in style with this home made tradition, I recently decided to put one ‘center piece’ on the opposite wall, but much larger, 90×90cm. In an interchangable frame, so this one will also change over time, and possibly regularly, depending on how often I can do a photo shoot. It has already proven worth the investment, and again makes a nice topic of conversation.

Credits: titaniummike

It might look a little dark..but that’s because this is not a gallery-quality print. That would become a bit too expensive for an ever-changing photo :)

written by titaniummike on 2013-10-18

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    Always inspiring work