Put a Film in my new (old) Agfa Silette...


Loaded my film on Tuesday. Took a picture of myself in my room (this didn’t come out). Had a little drive and thought I saw a nice shot:

Credits: tirj

After taking lots more photos over the course of a couple of hours I realised that perhaps my camera wasn’t taking any photos :(

Loaded a new film and got snapping at the Old Mill:

Credits: tirj

Here are a few of the better photos:


Nice camera and good pictures, my only downer is that it doesn’t make a satisfying click when it fires. Maybe I’m too used to my SLRs.

written by tirj on 2011-10-20

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  1. chrisg35mm
    chrisg35mm ·

    Hi - what model Silette is it? I've just put a film in mine: www.lomography.com/homes/chrisg35mm/albums/2042394-agfa-sil…