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    Dippemess is a tradition which dates back to the 14th century. At that time, the Maamess, as it was then called, was a medieval market for domestic articles. Potters from the Westerwald, Kannebäckerland and Urberach came here to sell their wares, especially their ceramic bowls and pots. These were known in the Frankfurt dialect as 'Dippe' from which the event soon took its name. Over the years, more and more fairground booths and popular attractions joined the market as well. The Dippemess today is Frankfurt’s largest fair and a lot of fun :)

  • A Panoramic Holiday Rumble

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    A Panoramic Holiday Rumble

    The long Holidays are always one of the best times to go out shooting. Its a bit hard to capture all the action that's happening in a single frame though, that's why for the Holidays, we'd like to see your take on some pretty panoramas!

  • Rip Curl Competition: Stage 3 - Life's a Roadtrip!

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    Rip Curl Competition: Stage 3 - Life's a Roadtrip!

    Stage 2 got you looking for trouble - Ripcurl- and Lomography-style, of course! As we open the 3rd stage for this competition, we ask you to take a break from your wild endeavors and take a laid-back roadtrip with your friends. You'll be wheeling in exciting prizes, as always! Roll down the windows, blast the music, and don't forget your camera!

  • Redscale Doubles #3 : adi_totp x ananditya

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  • Pink Fashion

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  • October 2009

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    Why this is my favorite lomograph? Because it makes me laugh! I love to laugh!

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  • Diving Deep, Analogue Style

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    Diving Deep, Analogue Style

    Since I arrived in French Polynesia, I discovered a new fantastic activity: diving. The clear and beautiful waters of Polynesia are of course a diver's paradise and taking pictures of this beauty with my analogue cameras is something I really love.

  • Rip Curl Competition: Stage I – Whole Lotta Love!

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    Rip Curl Competition: Stage I – Whole Lotta Love!

    The first stage of our three-part competition is finally open! Profess your love for surfing and the beach through Lomographs! Show us how much you love hanging out with your crew, rolling about on the sandy shores or riding your surfboards along the blue-green waves.

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  • Emotions

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    Provoke an emotion and win a trip to the 15th EAPC Conference in early May! The third of four competitions, we'd like to see the different faces of shame and disgrace from past experiences!

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    Lomographic Society Indonesia proudly presents LOMOGRAPHY LOVES INDONESIA Exhibition. With over 7000 photos from lomographers all over Indonesia, filled with lomowalls and figures, workshops, and entertainment held in one of the biggest shopping mall in town, you surely don't want to miss this important event.

  • Coconut Bunny

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