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Cameras and photos are two things I really like. I love developing by myself, I love thinking about what to shoot, yes take pictures of your life, of what happens around you, but still remember, there are certain rules to art, the golden cut et cetera. To play with this, to try and get the right and perfect pictures is what i enjoy.

I got a Diana mini from my parter, before that I had a lot of other analogue cameras but the diana was diffferent and i love it. He had a fish eye 2, and now a LC-A+ as well. We both enjoy taking pictures and bringing our cameras with us whereever.

So when i saw that lomography has a facebook page i got very excited. I went there and obviously liked the page. I checked it more than once daily to see updates and to see what other people took pictures of, and to be frank i was a little disappointed. Many of the pictures were uploaded so many times that when you had gotten to picture 10.000 you just couldnt be arsed to see any more, because you expected it to be repeats all over.

People also took pictures that in my oppinion arent good. Personally i dont claim that all my pictures are good, i know a lot of them are shit, but then i dont upload them for all to see, i delete them or just keep them for myself. Just because you CAN upload does not mean you HAVE TO.

But what annoyed me the most was iphone. There are so many pictures on the website taken by iphone. I have an iphone and i have the app called hipstamatic. It is supposed to take pictures that look like the lomography ones, however it is a DIGITAL CAMERA! and with a website that is analogue love, that is so much for the whole idea of films, it is just annoying me limitless to see those iphone pictures, that are there, and that so many people like them. I think they are good, as said i have them myself, but it has nothing to do on that site. It has nothing to do with analogue photography and i get rather depressed when i see so many people praising a digital camera when they claim to love analogue, and that they dont even notice the difference!

I think that all you analogue lovers out there should rethink it again. Experimenting is great, taking so many good pictures is awesome, however, showing everything off to others might not be needed, why not just post the successfull and exeptional pictures? and please only the ones that are truely analogue.

Please leave a comment with what you think :)

Tina xxx

written by tinalynge on 2011-01-07


  1. etd
    etd ·

    Actually, i dont think so.
    The most photos are not taken by iphone and people can share their analoge photos which are good or bad. Being good or bad is relative...

  2. tinalynge
    tinalynge ·

    Some pictures that are really out of focus / really overexposed / really underexposed so that you can barely recognice the images on them, those are relatively bad to everything in my oppinion.

    Also i did not say that most pictures are taken by iphone, just that some are :) And that is a shame on an analogue page.

    I am not trying to critisize, however i do think there are some kind of standards.

  3. etd
    etd ·

    Do you remember the tenth lomography rule? "Don't worry about rules."
    Have a nice day!

  4. tinalynge
    tinalynge ·

    You're missing my point point. It is about analogue photos and digital photos. There might not be rules for what is right and wrong but a human is born with a sense of beauty. That is my point and we can agree to disagree. I see this to share analogue photos, and therefor find it wrong with digital ones. Even Lomography has the rules in their competitions that no digital photos nor digitally remade photos are allowed in their competitions etc.

    And your argument is a paradox ;) a rule of no rules?

    I do not mean to offend, however i do believe we have a sense of beauty, and photography is art. There might not be anything called rules, right or wrong, or anything like that, but even back in the ancient world they knew about the golden cut, the way possition matters for the look, and I think it is important to have it in mind while shooting pictures of your world and every day life.