Day 2

Another nice fall day in KC. Got in a couple of nice shots of a water tank and some old cemetary photos. Going to get them developed this weekend. Taking the boys to the school fall festival. Betting i can get a good chaotic shot for the rumble. Story of the day.
My first born son

He was talking to me last night about his art class. His first grade art class teacher was showing some examples of great works of art. As an art history guy I got to asking him which ones he saw and liked. He was really impressed with the van Gogh guy and Starry Night., and the fact that he had offed himself. I thought this was maybe a little early to broach as a subject for a first grader but since he was interested I went into the whole ear cutting and the tortored soul explanation. He also talked about a painting with a bunch of people standing around. I thought about what this painting could be and asked him if there was a monkey in it. Thinking this would be something he would remember. As it was, it was Seurat’s Sunday Afternoon on the island of la grand jatte. We talked about pointillism and i was thrilled he was interested in these works. Then the teacher gave them a paper to draw things that make art. When i looked at my sons he had drawn a paint brush and a camera. Oh, how i was proud. I think somewhere Alfred Stieglitz was too.

written by thufflife on 2010-10-15