Thomas Vanden Driessche was born in Leuven in 1979.
Holder of a master’s degree in journalism and a master’s
degree in humanitarian management, he has been working
for the United Nation Development program in Morocco,
for the Belgian Red Cross and for the International
Committee of the Red Cross Delegation to the European
Union and the NATO.
Freelance photographer working for magazine such as
Le Vif L’Express, Juliette & Victor, Le Soir, Le Nouvel Observateur,
The Guardian, Monocle since 2010, Thomas
joined Out Of Focus in February 2011 and is a nominee
photographe in the french photo agency Picturetank.
Strongly attached to the ‘New Documentary Tradition’,
his photography is often frontal and tries to split up reality
with a special emphasis on portrait.
His most recent photographic series tackle Contemporary
India and its fast growing economy. Thomas is also
working on a long-term project on some forms of trivialization
of violence in Europe.
Rewarded with a ‘Parole Photographique’ price in 2009
and five PX3 awards in 2010-2011, and a ‘coup de coeur
de l’ANI’ during the festival Visa pour l’image, his work
has been recently displayed in Paris (MK2 Library, Gare
de l’Est, Galerie Dupon, Festival Circulations), in Lille
(Transphotographiques 2011) and in Brussels (Palais des
Beaux-Arts, The Egg).
In 2011, Thomas was invited to be a jury member of the
prestigious ‘Visa d’or Humanitaire’ awards.
His work is promoted and supported by the french organization
Fetart promoting Young emerging european
Thomas lives and works for the moment in Brussels.



Marchers - Foto 8
Summer Show / London

Welcome to Tata City - In Focus
Vilnius / Lithuania

Welcome to Tata City - Fotofestiwal
Lodz / Poland

Welcome to Tata City - Encontros da Imagen
Braga / Portugal

Welcome to Tata City - Fotografia Europea
Reggio Emilia / Italy

Adoration - BIP 2012 - Out of Focus project
Centre wallon d’Art Contemporain / Flémal / Belgium

Welcome to Tata City - Biennale #4 Photographie
& Architecture La Cambre / Horta
Flagey / Brussels / Belgium

Welcome to Tata City - Festival Circulation’s 2012
Galerie Côté Seine & Trianon / Paris / France

The Shift - Art Truc-Troc 2012
Bozar / Brussels / Belgium

The Shift - ‘Worbz’
Halles St Géry / Brussels / Belgium


The Shift - CAVIART 17
Galerie Caviart / Virginal / Belgium

Welcome to Tata City - PX3 international Prize 2011
Espace Dupon / Paris / France

The Shift - Labelle # 4
The Egg / Brussels / Belgium

Welcome to Tata City - Art Truc-Troc 2011
Bozar / Brussels / Belgium

Fight Club - Transphotographique 2011
Lille / France


The Shift - Carte blanche ‘Parole photographique’
MK2-BNF & Gare St Lazare / Paris / France

Kalaheera - PX3 international Prize 2010


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