"The best about Lomography and what really makes it a unique approach is; you do not need to stress out on the editing stage. Because all Lomo pictures are good and all Lomographers are great photographers!"

I'm a Lomography Enthusiast 🙂

My Lomo TimeLine:
1989: My dad bought me my first camera, a Polaroid SuperColor 635 LM (600 film) 👶
1994: Got myself a Holga Micro-110
1995~1998: Used different types of cameras including Kodak 110 (Ektralite) as well as some other unbranded machines
1999~2009: Went digital 😏
2010: Back to film
2012: Found out that there's something in the world called "Lomography" 😁
2013: Owned one little Lomo LC-A baby 😃
2016: Lomography has become a good part of my life!
2022: .. On May, I joined the Lomography community online 🙈

My Instagram:

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