an introduction.

Credits: thepolaroid

Sure enough, that I’m kind of a newbie, trying stuff out and spend lots of money on, well, let’s say, not so good pictures. But hey, I’m still real keen on taking pics and everytime I send in rolls, excited and happy as a clam when the pictures/negs arrive.

I guess, I’m not the only one of my kind in Switzerland, but it’s really rare to find passionate swiss lomographers. Unfortunately, there isn’t any particular shop you can go to and especially in the area I live in it’s hell of a drag to get my Diana F+ rolls developed. But that’s beside the point.
My original goal with this entry was, uhm, introducing my self, kind of..

By now I have four different lomographic cameras: I bought the first two in December 2010, a white fisheye (old version) and my lovely “Glow in the Dark” Diana F+ (with flash and everything). Then I was really fascinated by the La Sardina and I got myself one while staying in Barcelona, Spain this summer (Fischer’s Fritze with Fritz the Blitz flash). And just recently, since I was going to order lomo films from the US anyway, I decided to go for an Actionsampler as well.

Credits: thepolaroid

I’m pretty happy with my “camera shelf” right now. :) but I’m desperately waiting for the Diana F+ 35mm back, it’s so much easier with 35mm rolls and the Diana’s flash is super awesome!

Jeez, that was lots of babbling.. that’s why I’m gonna stop here and continue some times soon. :)

written by thepolaroid on 2011-09-17


  1. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    @thepolaroid Welcome, newbie! I'm a relative newbie myself, but I've found this a very friendly and generous community to be part of. Like you, my passions are music, literature and photography, and I believe there are many likeminded people on here. I'm curious though - why would you order film from the US when Europe is flooded with cheap and easily accessible film?

  2. thepolaroid
    thepolaroid ·

    @buckshot thank you, it's really nice to see that someone actually read this first entry :)
    about your question, since Switzerland is not on the list of EU countries (well, it really isn't one of them), the order comes directly from the US, it's not intentionally, just the way it's done, I guess.. anyway, I try to buy films (and other lomo accessory) during frequent visits in Germany, it really is so much more affordable.
    Maybe another reason why there are not so many swiss lomographers: no stores/no EU country equal expensive films and developement etc., aww :( such a shame, it really is. I'll do what I can though.

  3. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    Really? That's a shame. Maybe you should pop across the border to the home of Lomography: Austria. P.S. Many years ago, I worked in a second-hand camera shop in Luxembourg, where the boss was a Swiss guy. He was a major arschloch, but that hasn't influenced my view of other Swiss people ;-)