the real deal


Some time ago I changed rooms with my brother. I aked him to help me with fixing frames and stuff on my walls, but he never really had had time for it and since I’m a pretty bad handyman, it stayed as it was: plain walls, nothing too cosy.
Fortunatley, I went for a short shoppingtrip with one of my friends, who told me about this chewinggum-like glue and some other stuff, which needs no nails or hammering. Perfect! I thought.
And on the weekend I started with sticking my developed photos on my wall. Soon I had this fancy idea, I could make up a real lomowall and that’s what I did:

Credits: thepolaroid

written by thepolaroid on 2012-04-24


  1. roby
    roby ·

    very nice, I also started my own lomowall :-)

  2. ominousvelociraptor
    ominousvelociraptor ·

    I kind of love this idea! What is the name of the tacky stuff you used to put the photos on your wall? Let us know how well it holds, please?

  3. thepolaroid
    thepolaroid ·

    unfortunately, the sticky stuff is from a local store in Switzerland, so it won't help you :(
    it still holds perfectly and that's nearly one month, so far so good :)