My another blog entry, and again about Diana camera.
Today was a really hard day for me – school, then folk dance and at last homework. I thought my head will explode but then i decided to look what`s going on Latvian Lomography website.
Yesterday i paid money in internet to get my Diana, and… today when i looked how the process is going… THEY SHOW THAT THE PACK IS SENT.
Well, i hope that my camera will be here tomorrow, but anyway… IT MADE MY EVENING.
I really can`t wait for it. I think, i`ll feel veryvery excited.

written by thekika on 2011-11-02


  1. lomalex
    lomalex ·

    congratulations on the purchase and good shots! :) Lomo on!!

  2. thekika
    thekika ·

    @lomalex thank you very much ^^

  3. asharnanae
    asharnanae ·

    it's always cool when something so small but lovely brightens a day. I love my diana, just got the lense bundle this moring though the post, gave me a happy feeling to take to work with me. :D

  4. thekika
    thekika ·

    @asharnanae awww. i think it`s a pretty cool feeling to take the camera to work. ;D