It has been three months since i have my Diana+ here, in my hands. I was so happy about that thing, because i really love all those film cameras, so this wasn`t exception.
The first time, when i put that film into that magic box, i was really excited. I went to take out my photos, but they said to me, that there were no pictures on the film. “Okay, sometimes things like that happens” i said for myself and happily put into camera another film. Then i went again to take out photos. You know what happened? The same. There were no pictures on the film. Then they said that i need to buy another film. But i trusted lomography about those film things. Now it`s a third time, when i need my photos. You know what? I feel so sad at that time, when they say, that there are no pictures on film, and that feeling, when you take your camera in your hands and took photo, and then think – maybe i`ll never see what i have taken. So… i`m really worried about the third film – tomorrow i`m going to take out third film and i have no hope to see all those pictures i have taken in our family trip to India. It really hurts, but tomorrow will show me.
The most saddest thing is that i bought two film packs from lomography and i thought, it will be really nice to see those interesting results.
So… this is my sad story about my lomo experience. Maybe tomorrow will happen some magic to me.

written by thekika on 2012-03-15

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  1. dinospork
    dinospork ·

    The solution to your problem is to figure out what's wrong with your camera or the way you're using it. If it's broken, you can fix it or take it back where you got it. If you're just not using it right, you can learn. If you just keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result, well, you've got disappointment in your future.

    Take a few minutes before you load another film into your camera to make sure the shutter is opening when you push the button. Make sure you've loaded and unloaded the film as directed. Make sure the lens is unobstructed. Finally, make sure you're taking it to a lab that knows what it's doing.

    Good luck!