• Passer by

    written by tempericarus on 2010-10-20
    Passer by

    A stranger... Yes, a total stranger interrupts...

  • The Bell Attendant

    written by tempericarus on 2010-10-19
    The Bell Attendant

    The Bell Attendants are the one that handles luggage assistance for Hotel guests. But what is it that they do that make them the best hotel employee that you can have...

  • Second Night

    written by tempericarus on 2010-10-15
    Second Night

    This is the continuation of my first blog: : . And this is how it goes...

  • First Night

    written by tempericarus on 2010-10-14
    First Night

    I got so addictive in shooting in the day that I forgot that my LCA+ can create a beautiful night shots. I gave it a try. Here's how it goes...