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I love shooting infrared and I’ve always wanted to use a splitzer, so I decided to combine the two.
I didn’t have a splitzer I could use, so I had to make one. These are the materials I used:
• 1A filter that I never used (and was more than willing to destroy in the name of photography)
• Tape
• Scissors
• Knife
• Ruler
• Black paint
• Paint brush
• Pencil

Credits: tatocientos

First, I turned the filter upside down and marked a point on the edge.Then I used that point to measure the diameter of the filter and marked another point on the opposite side to signal where I would divide it in half.Using the two marks as guiding points I taped half of the filter down. I then used the knife to cut off the excess tape. Finally I painted over the tape with black paint.

Credits: tatocientos

When the time came to shoot, I screwed in the infrared filter first and then put the splitzer on top. I then twisted the splitzer filter in and off a little to split the images in half, and of course, as I did this, I had to pay close attention to make sure the filter wouldn’t accidentally fall off the camera.

Credits: tatocientos

I shot Rollei infrared film, handheld at ISO 12 with my 720 nm infrared filter and my 28 mm lens in bright daylight. These are the results!

Credits: tatocientos

written by tatocientos on 2014-02-24


  1. minjiful
    minjiful ·

    This is an amazing tipster! Thank you for the tutorial :)

  2. asharnanae
    asharnanae ·

    Love it :D

  3. locutus
    locutus ·

    great result

  4. stouf
    stouf ·

    Ah! I totally missed it! : ) Very well thought and executed!

  5. bravopires
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