• Pusan: A Crazy 1 Night 4 Days Trip

    written by takezzo on 2010-07-27 #places
    Pusan: A Crazy 1 Night 4 Days Trip

    We did a crazy 1 night, 4 day trip to Pusan from Osaka International Port. It was fun and very affordable and I definitely recommend that you guys try this out sometime soon. Read on more about the chronicles of our adventures here!

  • Give a Life to Your Oktomat Pictures!

    written by takezzo on 2010-01-24 #news
    Give a Life to Your Oktomat Pictures!

    What do we still miss from our beloved old Lomography site? Yes, you're right. It is a OKTOKINO (if I remember correctly), my friend. You used to able to make a short (really short) movie out of photos shot with multi-lens brothers and sisters. Don't cry over printed pictures that don't make a move... I had created a short movie for you.

  • Kyoto: The Must-See While in Japan

    written by takezzo on 2010-01-14 #places
    Kyoto: The Must-See While in Japan

    Probably, Kyoto is the number one popular spot for foreign tourists in Japan. It is a historically quite important city with a lot of well preserved architectures and it used to be the capital of the nation more than a thousand years ago.

  • Motegi Circuit: Perfekt Location for Horizon Perfekt

    written by takezzo on 2009-08-29 #places
    Motegi Circuit: Perfekt Location for Horizon Perfekt

    Once a year, there’s a world motorbike championship race at Motegi Twin-Ring (or MTR) and hundreds and thousands of bike race fans gather from around the country. There also come a lot of foreign journalists, mechanics, pit crews and paddock, and the town becomes very international for several days.

  • Mother Farm: Meet The Cuties!

    written by takezzo on 2009-07-15 #places
    Mother Farm: Meet The Cuties!

    Mother Farm is a good place for a family (especially with small children) to spend a day. You can meet many kinds of domestic animals like sheep, pigs, cows, ducks, horses, llamas and even ostriches. It must be a good experience for kids.

  • Kanazawa

    written by takezzo on 2009-06-26 #places

    A four hour train ride takes you to Kanazawa, located approx. 300km northwest from Tokyo. This town is really pretty and watching the scenery of those well preserved architectures, I’m sure you will understand why this town has been called “Little Kyoto.”

  • Naoshima Island

    written by takezzo on 2009-01-16 #places
    Naoshima Island

    Naoshima is located in the middle of Setonai-kai inland sea near Takamatsu. It must have been a quiet fishermen's island until Benesse Corporation (originally an educational publisher) came and built their museum/hotel facility. Then they invited worldly famous artists/architects to participate their projects on the island.