Experiments in light


I have begun trying to experiment with low light conditions a bit with my Diana Mini. It has very limited control functions so it creates some challenges for me to try and take good photos in low light without a flash. I also don’t have a tri-pod as of yet so its hard with longer shutter speeds. This photo (below) was taken with just the window light and the diana mini in N mode with cloudy setting for aperature. Not enough light i think.

Credits: t-rav

I have also tried some experiments with multiple exposures while keeping the camera in one spot (held down to the table as best i could) but the multiple exposures seem to shake too much when using the shutter even though the exposure time didn’t seem too bad. (see below photo)

Credits: t-rav

I took the next two photos in a restaurant that seemed to have lots of light. The first was taken in N mode with the cloudy aperature and 400iso film. Way too dark even double exposed and you can see the shaking from the shutter. The second in Bulb mode, I just guessed at the exposure time. I think a “one mississippi” (how scientific) and I was amazed at the color saturation. Not too bad for holding the camera down hard to the table and clicking the shutter for a count.

Credits: t-rav

i am definately going to invest in a tripod of some sort and explore low light photography with my Diana Mini and Diana + cameras. Maybe its just normal photography knowledge for some but I really enjoyed that little experiment and feel like a better photographer for it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. This was my roll of film I will be uploading this year and last blog entry. I am off on vacation for Christmas and New Years, I have lots of film to bring with me and I will have lots of pics to share in the new year.
Best wishes
Travis (t-rav)

written by t-rav on 2012-12-14


  1. trw
    trw ·

    Both the Diana mini and the F+ do better in brighter light imho. I've never had too much luck with either of them in darker environments. I'll be curious to see how your next experiments work out.

  2. t-rav
    t-rav ·

    @trw as allways thanks for the kind words. I do agree about the Dianas being better in bright light. As you can see I didn't have much luck with them either but I seen some possibility with the bulb setting I just need to keep still is all. Thanks again