A few weeks in


So I am about two weeks into my lomography adventure.

I have been enthusiastically exploring the lomography site for tips and tricks as well as enjoying articles about lomolife. I have found that just looking at all the incredible photos is really inspiring. I get so excited when I see cool pictures and I just want to grab my camera and go. It also gives one ideas about things to take pictures of as well as different techniques to try. I love that the pictures (most of them) are tagged with type of camera and film so that you can kind of see the equipment used and how the different techniques factor into using that equipment. I have also really enjoyed meeting new friends and learning from them. I am now infatuated with trying out transparency masks on my Diana F+. I will never forget the feeling of seeing the first “like” of one of my photos and the feeling of anticipation I have every time I log on and check to see if I have any notifications.
I have also enjoyed getting out and taking pictures with my little Diana Mini. I have been carrying it everywhere with me and have been jumping on some great photo opportunities. I took some impromptu shots of my family with my first roll of film and couldn’t believe the results. I have never been able to capture such pure emotions with them. Maybe the “toyness” of the camera makes them not pose or feel like they have to smile, it seems like I am getting natural reactions that capture their personalities. I have had some great looking double exposure mistakes and some great purposeful double exposure pics. I have enjoyed the waits to get film back and the walks spent to take the pictures. I have noticed that I have been noticing more details in the world around me instead of just focusing on my destination and going. I feel like I am seeing beauty in the mundane and everyday things around me. Being surrounded by beauty and interesting things is much more exciting haha.
All around I feel like its been a great start. Thanks to everyone in the community, I am grateful for your existence.

Travis (t-rav)

written by t-rav on 2012-12-11


  1. trw
    trw ·

    Another great blog! You described so well what took me probably a good year to figure out.

  2. t-rav
    t-rav ·

    @trw I'm sure in one year I will be re-figuring it all out haha, thanks for the comment