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I just got my first lomography camera, a diana mini and am very excited to be a part of the lomography world.

I first became interested in photography about 10 years ago. I bought a 35mm Pentax SLR and started shooting. I loved film and the art involved in taking a photograph. I loved the anticipation involved in waiting to see if a picture turned out and the moment when you see your developed photos for the first time. I used to go for walks and take pictures or set up still life scenes at home. I used lights and silk or velvet backdrops and mostly B&W film. I enjoyed creating composition or just finding it occurring naturally in the world. Unfortunately I also believed that I needed this large heavy camera to be able to take pictures and it became cumbersome to travel with and to carry around as well as expensive to always get film developed (I became a poor student again at the time).

I ended up giving up photography although it still kicked around in my brain and was in my thoughts. I remember hearing about lomography a few years after and becoming fascinated all over again. I loved the look of the pictures and the philosophy behind it. I was scared to order anything over the internet and so never was able to get a camera. I found an old point and shoot 35mm camera I had kicking around the house and took some pics but the effect was not the same. The pictures didn’t have the same feel as those I seen on lomography.com. I was given a digital point and shoot for christmas one year and took some pictures but it didn’t have the same feel as when I took 35mm photos with my old pentax and it unfortunately has sat in a droor and I haven’t even bothered to take pictures at important events. Lomography remained on my brain over the years but I had no photographic outlet. My dad sold my pentax in a garage sale and I basically said goodbye to photography.

Fast forward to last week sunday. I was in a bookstore and I stumbled across a table display of lomography cameras. My jaw dropped and my heart filled with joy. I was overcome and was torn with buying one immediately or forgetting the whole thing. I thought to myself, can you even get film anymore? Can it be developed? Is it super expensive now? What about 120 film, is that available? I walked away but the entire week lomography filled my brain. I began to see composition and great photos all around me. I did some research and found a camera store near me and made sure I could get film and things developed. To my surprise it was cheap and they even scan your negatives for you and give you a digital copy. Friday after work came and I was at the bookstore and I am now the proud owner of a Diana mini and a Diana F+. I got both cameras because the mini would be great to just shoot shoot shoot with 35mm and the medium format I could play with but I wasn’t giving up the chance as I didn’t know when I would be able to find lomography cameras again (i’m still a ludite and scared of buying things on the internet). Photography became fun again and Im super excited about my cameras and the options they bring.

Thanks Lomography society for being there.

Sincerely, T-rav

written by t-rav on 2012-12-02

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  1. trw
    trw ·

    Nice blog! You've clearly caught the "fever" but good luck ever getting rid of it. ;-) Hope you enjoy the lomo world. There are lots of amazing photographs (and people) here.