• Hat Yai: Once a Bustling and Lively City

    written by syyip22 on 2011-01-28 #places
    Hat Yai: Once a Bustling and Lively City

    Hat Yai, a city situated at the southern region of Thailand is connected to the northern states of Malaysia. More than a decade ago, this bustling and lively city used to be well-favored by tourists; with visitors and shoppers from everywhere, but things seemed to have changed through the years.

  • Church-Hopping Around Macau Island

    written by syyip22 on 2010-12-07 #places
    Church-Hopping Around Macau Island

    I'm a free thinker when it comes to religion but has always been obsessed by the craftsmanship of buildings - especially churches. Besides that, I've always been attracted to the holy and tranquil atmosphere inside churches. I always feel calm and peaceful inside as if there's nothing to fear. Therefore, whenever traveling to another country, I always include visiting churches to my itinerary.

  • Travessa da Paixão - The Romantic Lane

    written by syyip22 on 2010-10-12 #places
    Travessa da Paixão - The Romantic Lane

    Travessa da Paixão is a small lane about 50 meters long which located beside one of the most popular tourist spot in Macau, The Ruins of St. Paul. This small little lane looks no different than many other lanes found in Macau island but its specialty lies in its name, Travessa da Paixão.