• Lonely Pangkor

    written by syahrulfikri on 2008-05-09 #places
    Lonely Pangkor

    Lonely Pangkor is a small island off the coast of Perak state in north-west peninsula of Malaysia. The island could be reached by ferry from Lumut, which is a small coastal town. It will take you roughly 30 minutes from Lumut Jetty to the island. The ferry fare is only MYR10 for a return ticket for adult.

  • Chinatown Bangkok

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    Chinatown Bangkok

    Like in other countries in the world, Bangkok also has its own Chinatown. The Bangkok's Chinatown district runs along Yaowarat Road from Odeon Circle up to the Ong Ang Canal. It's made famous for its gold shop and pawnshops or just about anything you wanted to buy could be found here.

  • Saen Saeb Canal

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    Saen Saeb Canal

    The Saen Saeb Canal was built by the order of King Rama III during the conflict between Annam about Cambodia to establish a water transport for soldiers and weapons to Cambodia. The construction started in 1837 and was finished three years after.

  • Kembara Resort

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    Kembara Resort

    This is the place where it all began, the place where I started my first Lomographic adventure. The place is situated on Merang Beach, 40km up north from Kuala Terengganu on the east coast of Malaysia. You can go there by car, by bus or even by air. It is run by a friendly family of a local owner. It caters for family, group activities and backpackers with different range of rooms to suit everyone's budget.

  • SUK11 in Sukhumvit

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    SUK11 in Sukhumvit

    If you're looking for a place not so crowded and noisy with drunken hippie backpackers like in Khaosan Road, then Suk11 in Sukhumvit district it's the right place for you. The guesthouse is based on wooden Thai traditional house with lots of greenery and good sense of traditional interior decoration. Owned and run by a friendly, fluent English-speaking family which is be really helpful with the traveling tips.

  • Tanjung Inn Villa

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    Tanjung Inn Villa

    This place is the place where you have to stay if coming to this side

  • Chatuchak Weekend Market

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    Chatuchak Weekend Market

    Though there are many markets throughout Bangkok, Chatuchak Weekend Market is still pretty much the undisputed king of them all. Chatuchak is pronounced as Jatujak and simply known by the local people as JJ. This weekend market is a-must-place to visit (or to shop) if you visiting Bangkok simply because it is the biggest open air market in the world. It covers over 35 acres and contains more than 10,000 stalls selling practically everything under the sun. Such as the smallest nails, to foods, trendy fashions, antiques intricate wooden carvings, masks from far-off lands, adorable fluffy dogs, colorful fish of every hue and singing birds. Once inside the market, you will be catch up in a world of bursting crowds and stalls stretching as far as the eyes can see.