• Darkroom Introduction Program

    written by syafiqmddaud on 2011-06-30
    Darkroom Introduction Program

    Experience the process and printing photos have been traditionally in the darkroom. Take the opportunity on how to develop black and white film manually. Each participant will be given the opportunity to own a piece of printing black and white photos in the darkroom.

  • Lomo LC-Wide Performance Test

    written by syafiqmddaud on 2011-06-27 #gear
    Lomo LC-Wide Performance Test

    Well, at first I had some hard time deciding on which camera to go after using my LC-A. Most of us cannot afford the Lomo LC-Wide that is why they choose not to get one. Fortunately, I decided to go for the Lomo LC-Wide (with the help of my piggies).

  • The Flexible Kodak Ultramax 400

    written by syafiqmddaud on 2011-06-22 #gear
    The Flexible Kodak Ultramax 400

    It is cheap, easy to find and sometimes you can get them for free in certain shops! However, if the films are expired, the seller may give them away. Kodak Ultramax 400 is definitely recommended for most cameras which do not have built in light meters.

  • DIY Redscale with Kodak Gold 200

    written by syafiqmddaud on 2011-05-27 #gear
    DIY Redscale with Kodak Gold 200

    I got myself lots of expired films from a shop in town. Yet, a lot of things came though my mind on what to do with them. One of the simplest solution is to make a homemade redscale film.

  • Expired For A Decade

    written by syafiqmddaud on 2011-05-18 #gear
    Expired For A Decade

    The ISO 100 Fuji Neopan SS film, most common and least expensive Neopan film compared to the other Fuji Professional Black and White films. However, it is hard to find them nowadays as only few dealers stock them. Fuji Neopan SS is an old, very good fine grain B&W film that gives you seasoned and memorable pictures.

  • Redscaled Broga Hills

    written by syafiqmddaud on 2011-04-24 #places
    Redscaled Broga Hills

    The real name of this place is Bukit Lalang, referring to the thin and long species of local grass that grows abundantly on this hill. The view from the top of Broga Hills has been described as incredible and offers one of the best sights from such a low hill. Lush valleys of a green rain forest, peppered with flat palm oil plantations and a few towns, can be seen vibrantly on a clear day, with the backdrop of several mountains in the far distance.

  • Up, Up and Away!

    written by syafiqmddaud on 2011-04-19 #places
    Up, Up and Away!

    The Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Festival is an annual event that attracts many tourists including the local Malaysian community to fascinate the creativity of the hot air balloon makers from Japan, Switzerland, USA, Belgium, New Zealand, France, and the Netherlands.This is the 3rd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta which recently took place on the 17th to 20th of March 2011. It was held at the Monumen Alaf Baru, Precinct 2, Putrajaya.

  • Day Tour of the Blue Mountains

    written by syafiqmddaud on 2011-04-17 #places
    Day Tour of the Blue Mountains

    If you are in Australia, be sure to visit the famous Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountains offer spectacular scenery, plant life and wildlife. Check out the amazing Blue Mountains on a full day tour from Sydney. See the Three Sisters rock formation, hike at Wentworth Falls, take in the spectacular lookouts, and see kangaroos in their natural habitat.

  • The Cheapskate Way to Value Negatives

    written by syafiqmddaud on 2011-04-11 #gear #tutorials
    The Cheapskate Way to Value Negatives

    To those who have no budget on slide films, worry not. This is a suggestion for you to try by using negative films. Most of us use slide films to get strong yet vibrant colours of our pictures. But this way, you might not be having the same vibrant colours but may be able to have some better results even better than slide films do.

  • Dazzling i-City !

    written by syafiqmddaud on 2010-11-21 #places
    Dazzling i-City !

    A new attraction is in town and it is ideal for families, friends, and visiting tourists. i-City is Malaysia’s premier tech-based property with unique "lightscapes". It has been constantly working with the Tourism Ministry to fill its calendar this year with more offerings for local and international tourists.