• Precinct 6, Lakeview

    written by syafeeq on 2008-12-09 #places
    Precinct 6, Lakeview

    Few months back, my friends came to Putrajaya. I brought them to Precinct 6 lake. It is the place for any water sport event handle in Putrajaya. There is so much activity you can do here such as swimming, water-ski, or just a simple family picnic. Don't forget to bring your own props because this is the best place to shoot.

  • Kodak E100S (35mm. 100 iso) user- review

    written by syafeeq on 2008-12-09 #gear
    Kodak E100S (35mm. 100 iso) user- review

    Blue, green or yellow? How about all of them?

  • Brickfields (Kuala Lumpur)

    written by syafeeq on 2008-08-21 #places
    Brickfields (Kuala Lumpur)

    Brickfields is a small to medium-sized town and residential neighborhood (as well as an administrative zone) located just outside central Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is known as Kuala Lumpur's Little India due to the high percentage of Indians living there. It is also known as the 'Little India' due to the variety and number of different Indian businesses based in Brickfields itself.

  • Hay Street, Perth

    written by syafeeq on 2008-08-11 #places
    Hay Street, Perth

    Hay Street is a major road through the CBD of Perth, Western Australia. The street was named after Robert William Hay, the Permanent Under Secretary for Colonies. Sections of the road were called Howick Street and Twiss Street until 1897. Orientated east-west, the road starts at the Causeway traveling west through the suburbs of East Perth, Perth, West Perth, and Subiaco, where the road originally terminated at the Subiaco.

  • University Putra Malaysia Orchard

    written by syafeeq on 2008-07-28 #places
    University Putra Malaysia Orchard

    University Putra Malaysia or known as UPM has continued to develop and has become one of the distinguished universities in the region. Situated 15 kilometers from Putrajaya, this place is very special because UPM has built an Agricultural Park. Farms, vegetable plants, fruit trees and even wild animals can be found there...

  • Port Dickson (Seremban)

    written by syafeeq on 2008-07-28 #places
    Port Dickson (Seremban)

    Port Dickson, the playground resort in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, is 34km from the state capital of Seremban and about one and a half hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur. It offers 18km of fine sandy beaches fringed by casuarinas, coconut palms and the spreading branches of the Banyan tree....

  • West Como (Perth)

    written by syafeeq on 2008-07-17 #places
    West Como (Perth)

    West Como is situated 20 minutes from the Perth city. There are many nice gardens and lake to visit. You can choose to have a walk or rent a bike. Big trees, fallen leaves and nice air makes you feel more relaxing. Clean environment and green grass is exactly what you need to shoot some portrait album. You can even snap sunset pictures every evening.

  • Rompin Pahang

    written by syafeeq on 2008-07-10 #places
    Rompin Pahang

    Rompin Beach is one of the most beautiful unspoiled beaches along the southern coast of Pahang. Located on the Johor-Pahang border, this beach is very near to the second largest national park in the Peninsula, Endau-Rompin National Park which is made up of a lush, pristine tropical rain forest.