So I have this holga, you see...


Hi there. I’m sushi. Nice to meet you.
Say, would you happen to know anything about the Holga 135bc? I’ve had one for about a month now, and have shot maybe seven or eight rolls on it. A couple of them I messed up upon removing the film from the camera, but most of the others have turned out well. I it doesn’t have nearly as much vignetting as I’d like, but I can use filters and mask adjustments. It’s definitely given me some pleasing shots.
Recently, though, this has been happening:

See that? The two lines running across the bottom third of the frame?

They’ve appeared on the last two rolls I’ve shot. Is the thicker, lighter one possibly a leak? What of the thin black line running underneath?

The one thing I have noticed that may or may not be a factor is that the rewinding knob seems a bit wonky. Like when I’m rewinding, if I release my pressure or slow down even slightly, it starts turning back so that portions get wound back again. Is that normal?

Another question regarding the rewind knob: When the camera is loaded and in use, what is the knob’s proper state? Is it supposed to be, like locked or fixed in place? Mine can be easily turned a bit in either direction, it’s very loosey goosey seeming to me, but not having had one before, I’ve no way to know if that’s just how they are.

I’m rather new here, so if the blogs are not the place for questions or feedback, I apologize. I do plan to post my query in a holga specific forum, as well. I just wanted to ensure maximum feedback.

So thanks for your time, and any thoughts you may have.


written by sushifer on 2012-04-12


  1. dinospork
    dinospork ·

    Hi sushi...are you scanning your own pictures? Whenever I see color in a B&W photo, I think of the scanner first. The straight line all the way across the frame is another scanner sign, in my experience. The only other thing that really makes a line across like that is something inside the camera or film canister scratching the film as it's wound or rewound, and then I really think it would look different than what I see there.

  2. sushifer
    sushifer ·

    Does your first thought about scanning still apply if we're talking about cn41 as opposed to true b&W? I'm getting my scans at a lab, and I've not noticed it on any of the b&w rolls (of either type) that I've taken with my Minolta, and I generally have a few rolls from each camera processed at the same time.

    I do think it may have to do with the rewinding function. I'll take note of any incidents or oddities that occur during film extraction over the weekend and compare with next weeks development results.

    Incidentally, there's a very funny film called Spork. I just watched it recently on random netflex pick.
    It's kind of like Napoleon Dynamite, but with a Chick, well, a hermaphrodite, and more dancing. If that seems up your alley, you should check it out. Sorry for the digression, but, you know...spork.

    Thanks so much for stopping by

    Happy weekend