• Polaroid Spectra (Image System)

    written by superlighter on 2008-12-20 #gear
    Polaroid Spectra (Image System)

    We are talking about one of the most advanced instant cameras made by Polaroid in the eighties, with some manual controls that let you explore and experiment... in an instant!

  • Pop 9 - Multiple Images

    written by superlighter on 2008-11-29 #gear #tutorials
    Pop 9 - Multiple Images

    I was bored with always having 9 identical images from my Pop 9 camera and while waiting for a new POP 9+ camera that allows multiple exposures I had the idea of making a multiple exposure film playing with some black tape to darken some of the 9 lenses. The greatest difficulty is to reload the film so that the second exposure matches in the best way possible the first one to recreate the usual 3x3 image grid.