Metalhead. Hoarder of awesome thingamabobs.

Lover of the cheesy, the kitschy, the twisted and the bizarre.

An incredibly shy and avoidant nerd. A sarcastic p*ssy with aspirations of world domination. A (not so) beautiful mix of the timid and the bold.

Biggest scare? When a beautiful woman says "Hello." Being chased with a chainsaw scares me less.

Favorite (monster) superhero: The Toxic Avenger (Toxie <3).

I am a complete novice when it comes to photography. I held a camera in my hands for the very first time during the summer months of 2020, and I have been on a steep learning curve since then. I develop and scan my own film. I don't do any post-editing on my scans. I scan the negatives exactly as they are.

My process is simple. For the most part I simply ride around on my bicycle, with my camera in my pocket. When something catches my eye, I whip out the camera and snap a photo of it.