I'm a film enthusiast in Birmingham, and I've been collecting cameras since I was a kid. My dad was using film right up until a few years ago when film became all but obsolete in my little home town of Burton on Trent, and his Zenit EM lay forgotten on top of his bookshelf, next to a Halina Paulette that never worked which he acquired from a market.
I've always been surrounded by old things, old furniture, books and trinkets. I soon realised that all of that was a part of who I am, and began experimenting with vintage clothing, and then collecting cameras. Any cameras. Cheap and plastic toy cameras in charity shops, big heavy duty Russian built Zenits, Box Brownies, novelty cameras, and intricate folding cameras.

Even when I'm at my poorest, if I see a pretty camera's face peeking at me from a market stall I find it hard to say no.

I have four cats, a long suffering fiance, and a lovely little house overlooking Bournville chocolate factory.


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