My camerapaedia: Holga CFN 120

Credits: stratski

Iconic medium format toy camera. 60mm f/8 lens, tripod mount, bulb exposure mode, film counter window switch, and an additional 6×6cm film mask. The foam inserts to provide film spool tensioning got eaten by the film the very first time I used this camera. In theorie, it’s got two apertures: sunny (f11) and cloudy (f8), in reality, Holgas made before 2009 (inclusding mine) only has f13.

Originally since 1981, the CFN since eh 2001? Something like that I think…

Piggies paid for my Holga.

It’s buggy, leaky and unreliable and I absolutely love it. I must have screwed up at least half a dozen rolls by now. The Holga really needs a lot of light (and I should use that flash more often), and on one or two occasions, either the shutter stuck, or I didn’t press the button far enough, or whatever.
Still, when the pictures do turn out, they turn out wonderful. I love the vignetting, the blurrred edges, the effortless flashed doubles. It’s opened my eyes to the wonderful world of microclicks, and turned medium format from something that takes a lot of effort (my other medium format camera’s are either heavy or only fit 8 pictures in a roll) into something fun to experiment with.
Since I’ve bought it, I took it on every hike I took, to concerts and parties, and it’s just super versatile.
I have a Telephoto lens to go with it, that I really should start using.

Credits: stratski

written by stratski on 2013-02-27


  1. lomodesbro
    lomodesbro ·

    keep on discovering versatile subjects

  2. avola
    avola ·

    Holga lover too and can confirm ally you said so wonderfully

  3. atria007
    atria007 ·

    i loveeeee this camera!!!!! i cant tell anything hahahahaha only that i love it!!! <3

  4. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    I have a GFN and the flash leaks into the film chamber like crazy, no successful way to block it yet, but I love the lens so it is my daylight friend.

  5. upsi57
    upsi57 ·

    Love Holga and her gloomy/dreamy pictures!!!
    I look forward to testing the holga 120PC!